Indian Army Day 2022: Inspirational quotes, wishes and messages

Indian Army Day always reminds us of all our heroes who stand strong to keep us safe. Happy Indian Army Day!

Ye dil maange more

Capt. Vikram Batra.

Tell my love to never cry because I am an Indian soldier who has always born to Die!

If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear I’ll kill Death

Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey

सात बार गिरकर, आठवी बार उठ जाना ये काम भारतीय सेना का जवान ही कर सकता है।

I won't die in an accident or die of any disease I will go down in glory.

Major Sudhir Walia

My aim is not to die for the country, but to live each day for its integrity, and defend it with every cent of my will.

We live by chance, we love by choice, we kill by profession.

Sleep peacefully at your homes. Indian Army is guarding the frontiers.